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  • 英文科技期刊的应用与投稿
  • 英文科技论文的投稿与评审
  • 文献管理与论文撰写神器-EndNote功能与使用介绍

Based on the Chinese Academy of Sciences and facing China, it mainly provides document information support, strategic information research services, public information service platform support and scientific exchange and communication services for natural science, interdisciplinary science and high-tech fields.

Historical exhibition of CAS

The History Museum of CAS is committed to building the exhibition base of history and culture of CAS, the research base of the situation of CAS, the education base of the situation of CAS, and the communication base of scientific spirit and culture.


The archives of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is the base for the permanent preservation of all kinds of important archives of the whole academy system, and the center for the utilization of archival information for all work. Archives work is an important part of the archives cause of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and is the continuation and extension of the archives work of all units of the Academy.