《A Low Reabsorbing Luminescent Solar Concentrator Employing π-Conjugated Polymers》

  • 来源专题:绿色印刷—LED
  • 编译者: 张宗鹏
  • 发布时间:2016-04-13
  • A highly efficient thin-film luminescent solar concentrator (LSC) utilizing two π-conjugated polymers as antennae for small amounts of the valued perylene bisimide Lumogen F Red 305 is presented. The LSC exhibits high photoluminescence quantum yield, low reabsorption, and relatively low refractive indices for waveguide matching. A Monte Carlo simulation predicts the LSC to possess exceptionally high optical efficiencies on large scales.

  • 《Technical and economic analysis of integrating low-medium temperature solar energy into power plant》

    • 来源专题:太阳能监测服务
    • 编译者:zhouwei@iet.cn
    • 发布时间:2016-03-15
    • In order to mitigate CO2 emission and improve the efficiency of the utilization of solar thermal energy (STE), solar thermal energy is proposed to be integrated into a power plant. In this paper, seven configurations were studied regarding the integration of STE. A 300MWe subcritical coal-fired plant was selected as the reference, chemical absorption using monoethanolamine solvent was employed for CO2 ?capture, and parabolic trough collectors and evacuated tube collectors were used for STE collection. Both technical analysis and economic evaluation were conducted. Results show that integrating solar energy with post-combustion CO2? capture can effectively increase power generation and reduce the electrical efficiency penalty caused by CO2 capture. Among the different configurations, Config-2 and Config-6, which use medium temperature STE to replace high pressure feedwater without and with CO2 capture, show the highest net incremental solar efficiency. When building new plants, integrating solar energy can effectively reduce the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE). The lowest LCOE, 99.28USD/MWh, results from Config-6, with a parabolic trough collector price of 185USD/m2. When retrofitting existing power plants, Config-6 also shows the highest net present value (NPV), while Config-2 has the shortest payback time at a carbon tax of 50USD/ton CO2. In addition, both LCOE and NPV/payback time are clearly affected by the relative solar load fraction, the price of solar thermal collectors and the carbon tax. Comparatively, the carbon tax can affect the configurations with CO2 capture more clearly than those without CO2 capture.
  • 《Click Functionalization of a Dibenzocyclooctyne-Containing Conjugated Polyimine》

    • 来源专题:绿色印刷—LED
    • 编译者:张宗鹏
    • 发布时间:2016-04-13
    • Abstract A conjugated poly(phenyl-co-dibenzocyclooctyne) Schiff-base polymer, prepared through polycondensation of dibenzocyclooctyne bisamine (DIBO-(NH2)2) with bis(hexadecyloxy)phenyldialdehyde, is reported. The resulting polymer, which has a high molecular weight (Mn>30?kDa, Mw>60?kDa), undergoes efficient strain-promoted alkyne–azide cycloaddition reactions with a series of azides. This enables quantitative modification of each repeat unit within the polymer backbone and the rapid synthesis of a conjugated polymer library with widely different substituents but a consistent degree of polymerization (DP). Kinetic studies show a second-order reaction rate constant that is consistent with monomeric dibenzocyclooctynes. Grafting with azide-terminated polystyrene and polyethylene glycol monomethyl ether chains of varying molecular weight resulted in the efficient syntheses of a series of graft copolymers with a conjugated backbone and maximal graft density.