《Comparison of optical coherence tomography and high frequency ultrasound imaging in mice for the assessment of skin morphology and intradermal volumes | Scientific Reports》

  • 来源专题:声学研究所所级服务
  • 编译者: ioalib
  • 发布时间:2019-10-12
  • Abstract.Optical coherence tomography (OCT) and high-frequency ultrasound (HFUS), two established imaging modalities in the field of dermatology, were evaluated and compared regarding their applicability for visualization of skin tissue morphology and quantification of murine intradermal structures. The accuracy and reproducibility of both methods were assessed ex vivo and in vivo using a standardized model for intradermal volumes based on injected soft tissue fillers. OCT revealed greater deta...

  • 《The sound insulation of single leaf finite size rectangular plywood panels with orthotropic frequency dependent bending stiffness 》

    • 来源专题:声学研究所所级服务
    • 发布时间:2016-02-25
    • Current theories for predicting the sound insulation of orthotropic materials are limited to a small range of infinite panels. This paper presents a method that allows for the prediction of the sound insulation of a finite size orthotropic panel. This method uses an equation for the forced radiation impedance of a finite size rectangular panel. This approach produces an equation that has three nested integrals. The long numerical calculation times were reduced by using approximate formulas for the azimuthally averaged forced radiation impedance. This reduced the number of nested integrals from three to two. The resulting predictions are compared to results measured using two sample sizes of four different thicknesses of plywood and one sample size of another three different thicknesses of plywood. Plywood was used for all the tests because it is somewhat orthotropic. It was found during testing that the Young's moduli of the plywood were dependent on the frequency of excitation. The influence of the frequency dependent Young's moduli was then included in the prediction method. The experimental results were also compared with a simple isotropic prediction method.
  • 《Gamma Scientific Inc.的Spectral LED RS-7-SWIR平台》

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    • 编译者:Lightfeng
    • 发布时间:2018-06-11
    • Gamma Scientific Inc.的SpectralLED RS-7-SWIR平台包含9个SWIR波长,用于合成市售光源或基于进口光谱。 该产品系列的光谱范围为900至1700 nm,其75 mm输出端口的照度稳定性高于99.99%。照明精度NIST可追溯至3%,全量程线性度为0.1%RMS。通过16位DAC电流驱动器,用户可以实现长达5年的动态范围调整,光谱精度大于 2.5 nm。该固件包含光谱拟合,预设存储和实时光学反馈的全光谱校准。 选项包括光纤光传输,晶圆探针照明配置,挡板管输出和广泛的视野配置。该系统特别适用于夜视传感器,遥感传感器和工业监控设备的校准和测试,可确定量子效率,空间不均匀性,像素缺陷,串扰,响应度,线性度和灵敏度。