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186          磁单极、纤维丛和规范场

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209           几何与物理

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211           杨振宁

                 我的朋友— 几何学家陈省身

                 《自然杂志》28, 19798

                 Translation of A. Weil, “S. S. Chern as Geometer and Friend”.



212           杨振宁



                 《读书教学四十年》, 香港三联书店 (1985)


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                 Also appeared in slightly changed version, without the 2 leaves diagram in

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          Physics Today 33, 42 (l980).                        

          Compare comments on R. Herman\’’+’s letter to the Editor, Physics

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215           爱因斯坦对理论物理的影响

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225           电子与磁单极的束缚态  


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231           分立对称性PT C

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234           自旋

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236           对称与二十世纪的物理

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241           读书教学四十年




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        Forty Years of Study and Teaching.

                 Translated into English by Jiang Ming-shan.       


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256           对汤川秀树 1935 年的文章的评价

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261           魏尔对物理学的贡献

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        Forty Years as a Student and a Teacher.

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263           《读书教学四十年》

                 香港三联书店 (1985)

                 [85k.2]       台湾盗印 (1988)

                 [85k.3]       槟榔出版社再版

                 [85k.4]       晓园(台湾)


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267           负一的平方根、复相位与薛定谔


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                 Generalization of Sturm-Liouville Theory to a System of Ordinary     

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