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Clinical otolaryngology(4,451)
ISSN: 1749-4478
Psychometric validity of the 22-item Sinonasal Outcome Test 期刊论文

Clinical Otolaryngology     ISSN:1749-4478  Volume:34  Issue:5  Page:447-454  

Hopkins C;   Gillett S;   Slack R;   Lund V.J;   Browne J.P;  


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A controlled clinical trial of a therapeutic bacteriophage preparation in chronic otitis due to antibiotic-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa; a preliminary report of effic... 期刊论文

Clinical Otolaryngology     ISSN:1749-4478  Volume:34  Issue:4  Page:349-357  

Wright A;   Hawkins C.H;   Anggard E.E;   Harper D.R;  


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Eustachian tube dysfunction: consensus statement on definition, types, clinical presentation and diagnosis 期刊论文

Clinical Otolaryngology     ISSN:1749-4478  Volume:40  Issue:5  Page:407-411  

Schilder A.G.M;   Bhutta M.F;   Butler C.C;   Holy C;   Levine L.H;   ...

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The relationship between hearing impairment and cognitive function: a meta‐analysis in adults 期刊论文

Clinical Otolaryngology     ISSN:1749-4478  Volume:41  Issue:6  Page:718-729  

Taljaard D.S;   Olaithe M;   Brennan‐Jones C.G;   Eikelboom R.H;   Bucks R.S;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:42

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Balloon Eustachian tuboplasty: a retrospective cohort study 期刊论文

Clinical Otolaryngology     ISSN:1749-4478  Volume:40  Issue:6  Page:629-638  

Schröder S;   Lehmann M;   Ebmeyer J;   Upile T;   Sudhoff H;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:35

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Quantitative analysis of gains and catch‐up saccades of video‐head‐impulse testing by age in normal subjects 期刊论文

Clinical Otolaryngology     ISSN:1749-4478  Volume:41  Issue:5  Page:532-538  

Yang C.J;   Lee J.Y;   Kang B.C;   Lee H.S;   Yoo M.H;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:32

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Change of signs, symptoms and voice quality evaluations throughout a 3‐ to 6‐month empirical treatment for laryngopharyngeal reflux disease 期刊论文

Clinical Otolaryngology     ISSN:1749-4478  Volume:43  Issue:5  Page:1273-1282  

Lechien J.R;   Finck C;   Khalife M;   Huet K;   Delvaux V;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:6

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Associations between cardiovascular disease and its risk factors with hearing loss—A cross‐sectional analysis 期刊论文

Clinical Otolaryngology     ISSN:1749-4478  Volume:43  Issue:1  Page:172-181  

Tan H.E;   Lan N.S.R;   Knuiman M.W;   Divitini M.L;   Swanepoel D.W;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:10

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Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) for head and neck oncology patients 期刊论文

Clinical Otolaryngology     ISSN:1749-4478  Volume:41  Issue:2  Page:118-126  

Coyle M.J;   Main B;   Hughes C;   Craven R;   Alexander R;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:27

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Extended phenotype and clinical subgroups in unilateral Meniere disease: A cross‐sectional study with cluster analysis 期刊论文

Clinical Otolaryngology     ISSN:1749-4478  Volume:42  Issue:6  Page:1172-1180  

Frejo L;   Martin‐Sanz E;   Teggi R;   Trinidad G;   Soto‐Varela A;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:14

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Post‐tonsillectomy haemorrhage rates are related to technique for dissection and for haemostasis. An analysis of 15734 patients in the National Tonsil Surgery Register in... 期刊论文

Clinical Otolaryngology     ISSN:1749-4478  Volume:40  Issue:3  Page:248-254  

Söderman A.‐C. Hessén;   Odhagen E;   Ericsson E;   Hemlin C;   Hultcrantz E;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:31

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Trans‐oral robotic assisted tongue base mucosectomy for investigation of cancer of unknown primary in the head and neck region. The UK experience 期刊论文

Clinical Otolaryngology     ISSN:1749-4478  Volume:42  Issue:6  Page:1247-1251  

Winter S.C;   Ofo E;   Meikle D;   Silva P;   Fraser L;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:9

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Health-related quality of life in 794 patients with a peripheral facial palsy using the FaCE Scale: a retrospective cohort study 期刊论文

Clinical Otolaryngology     ISSN:1749-4478  Volume:40  Issue:6  Page:651-656  

Kleiss I.J;   Hohman M.H;   Susarla S.M;   Marres H.A.M;   Hadlock T.A;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:24

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A novel study on association between untreated hearing loss and cognitive functions of older adults: Baseline non‐verbal cognitive assessment results 期刊论文

Clinical Otolaryngology     ISSN:1749-4478  Volume:43  Issue:1  Page:182-191  

Jayakody D.M.P;   Friedland P.L;   Eikelboom R.H;   Martins R.N;   Sohrabi H.R;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:9

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Correlations between computational fluid dynamics and clinical evaluation of nasal airway obstruction due to septal deviation: An observational study 期刊论文

Clinical Otolaryngology     ISSN:1749-4478  Volume:44  Issue:4  Page:603-611  

Radulesco Thomas;   Meister Lionel;   Bouchet Gilles;   Varoquaux Arthur;   Giordano Jérôme;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:0

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Different medications for the treatment of Ménière's disease by intratympanic injection: A systematic review and network meta‐analysis 期刊论文

Clinical Otolaryngology     ISSN:1749-4478  Volume:44  Issue:4  Page:619-627  

Cao Zuwei;   Yue Fengjuan;   Huang Wei;   Rajenderkumar Deepak;   Zhao Fei;  

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Morphometric analysis of CT scans of the facial canal in Bell’s palsy: A study of 51 patients 期刊论文

Clinical Otolaryngology     ISSN:1749-4478  Volume:44  Issue:4  Page:656-659  

Hervochon Rémi;   Seiller Ian;   Trunet Stéphanie;   Nguyen Yann;   Tankéré Frédéric;  


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The management of suspected or confirmed laryngopharyngeal reflux patients with recalcitrant symptoms: A contemporary review 期刊论文

Clinical Otolaryngology     ISSN:1749-4478  Volume:44  Issue:5  Page:784-800  

Lechien Jerome R;   Muls Vinciane;   Dapri Giovanni;   Mouawad François;   Eisendrath Pierre;   ...

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Preoperative electrophysiological analysis predicts preservation of hearing and facial nerve function following vestibular schwannoma surgery with continuous intraoperati... 期刊论文

Clinical Otolaryngology     ISSN:1749-4478  Volume:44  Issue:5  Page:875-880  

Hosoya Makoto;   Oishi Naoki;   Nishiyama Takanori;   Noguchi Masaru;   Kasuya Kento;   ...

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Role of diffusion‐weighted imaging in the discrimination of purulent intrasinusal content: A retrospective study 期刊论文

Clinical Otolaryngology     ISSN:1749-4478  Volume:44  Issue:5  Page:762-769  

Radulesco Thomas;   Scemama Ugo;   Mancini Julien;   Moulin Guy;   Dessi Patrick;   ...

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