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Emergency medicine Australasia(318)
ISSN: 1742-6723
Free Open Access Medical education (FOAM) for the emergency physician 期刊论文

Emergency Medicine Australasia   ISSN:1742-6731  Volume:26  Issue:1  Page:76-83  

Nickson Christopher P;   Cadogan Michael D;  

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Development and validation of the Emergency Department Assessment of Chest pain Score and 2 h accelerated diagnostic protocol 期刊论文

Emergency medicine Australasia   ISSN:1742-6731  Volume:26  Issue:1  Page:34-44  

Than Martin;   Flaws Dylan;   Sanders Sharon;   Doust Jenny;   Glasziou Paul;   ...

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Increasing workplace violence in an Australian adult emergency department 期刊论文

Emergency Medicine Australasia   ISSN:1742-6731  Volume:30  Issue:2  Page:181-186  

Nikathil Shradha;   Olaussen Alexander;   Symons Evan;   Gocentas Robert;   O'Reilly Gerard;   ...

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Morale, stress and coping strategies of staff working in the emergency department: A comparison of two different‐sized departments 期刊论文

Emergency Medicine Australasia   ISSN:1742-6731,1742-6723  Volume:30  Issue:3  Page:375-381  

Abraham Louisa J;   Thom Ogilvie;   Greenslade Jaimi H;   Wallis Marianne;   Johnston Amy NB;   ...

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The World Health Organization trauma checklist versus Trauma Team Time-out: A perspective 期刊论文

Emergency medicine Australasia : EMA   ISSN:1742-6731  

Fitzgerald Mark;   Reilly Stephanie;   Smit De Villiers;   Kim Yesul;   Mathew Joseph;   ...

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Review article: The utility of troponin and other investigations in patients presenting to the emergency department with supraventricular tachycardia 期刊论文

Emergency Medicine Australasia   ISSN:1742-6731  Volume:31  Issue:1  Page:35-42  

Fernando Harith;   Adams Nicholas;   Mitra Biswadev;  

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Review article: Methodology for the ‘rapid review’ series on musculoskeletal injuries in the emergency department 期刊论文

EMA - Emergency Medicine Australasia   ISSN:1742-6731  Volume:30  Issue:1  Page:13-17  

Strudwick Kirsten;   McPhee Megan;   Bell Anthony;   Martin-Khan Melinda;   Russell Trevor;  


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Review article: Utility of troponin after syncope: A systematic review and meta‐analysis 期刊论文

Emergency Medicine Australasia   ISSN:1742-6731  Volume:31  Issue:1  Page:11-19  

Stark Claire B;   Smit De Villiers;   Mitra Biswadev;  

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Preparedness for treating victims of terrorist attacks in Australia: Learning from recent military experience 期刊论文

Emergency Medicine Australasia   ISSN:1742-6731  Volume:30  Issue:5  Page:722-724  

Rosenfeld Jeffrey V;   Mitra Biswadev;   Smit De Villiers;   Fitzgerald Mark C;   Butson Benjamin;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:1

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When guidelines guide us to harm 期刊论文

Emergency Medicine Australasia   ISSN:1742-6731  Volume:30  Issue:6  Page:740-742  

Brichko Lisa;   Mitra Biswadev;   Cameron Peter;  

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Sub‐dissociative‐dose intranasal ketamine for moderate to severe pain in adult emergency department patients 期刊论文

Emergency Medicine Australasia   ISSN:1742-6731  Volume:26  Issue:3  Page:237-242  

Yeaman Fiona;   Meek Robert;   Egerton‐Warburton Diana;   Rosengarten Pamela;   Graudins Andis;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:29

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In this October issue 期刊论文

Emergency Medicine Australasia   ISSN:1742-6731  Volume:30  Issue:5  Page:599-599  

Hughes Geoff;  


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Comprehensive standardized data definitions for acute coronary syndrome research in emergency departments in Australasia: Special Report 期刊论文

EMA - Emergency Medicine Australasia   ISSN:1742-6731  Volume:22  Issue:1  Page:35-55  

Cullen Louise;   Than Martin;   Brown Anthony Ft;   Richards Mark;   Parsonage William;   ...


Antiemetic treatment in the emergency department: Patient opinions and expectations 期刊论文

EMA - Emergency Medicine Australasia   ISSN:1742-6731  Volume:30  Issue:1  Page:36-41  

Meek Robert;   Graudins Andis;   Anthony Shane;  


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Choosing public or private emergency departments in Australia 期刊论文

EMA - Emergency Medicine Australasia   ISSN:1742-6731  Volume:30  Issue:1  Page:122-124  

Walker Katherine;   Ben-Meir Michael;  


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Culturing conversation: How clinical audits can improve our ability to choose wisely 期刊论文

Emergency Medicine Australasia   ISSN:1742-6731  Volume:30  Issue:4  Page:448-449  

Denny Kerina J;   Keijzers Gerben;  

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Liberal or restricted fluid resuscitation in critical illness: Shifting the needle back towards equipoise 期刊论文

Emergency Medicine Australasia   ISSN:1742-6731  Volume:30  Issue:4  Page:446-447  

Macdonald Stephen PJ;   Shapiro Nathan I;  

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Thoracic electrical bioimpedance versus suprasternal Doppler in emergency care 期刊论文

Emergency Medicine Australasia   ISSN:1742-6731  Volume:29  Issue:4  Page:391-393  

Elwan Mohammed H;   Hue Jeremy;   Green Samira J;   Eltahan Salah M;   Sims Mark R;   ...

来源数据库:[MEDLINE, Scopus]        

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Comparison of four methods of endotracheal tube passage in simulated airways: There is room for improved techniques 期刊论文

Emergency Medicine Australasia   ISSN:1742-6731  Volume:29  Issue:6  Page:650-657  

Kingma Kirsten;   Hofmeyr Ross;   Zeng Irene Suilan;   Coomarasamy Christin;   Brainard Andrew;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:3

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Maximising direct observation of procedural skills for learning in the emergency department 期刊论文

EMA - Emergency Medicine Australasia   ISSN:1742-6731  Volume:30  Issue:1  Page:111-112  

Lee Victor;  



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