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Cardiology in the young(6,014)
ISSN: 1047-9511
Three-dimensional patient-specific cardiac model for surgical planning in Nikaidoh procedure 期刊论文

Cardiology in the Young     ISSN:1047-9511  Volume:25  Issue:4  Page:698-704  

Valverde Israel;   Valverde Israel;   Gomez Gorka;   Gomez Gorka;   Gonzalez Antonio;   ...


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Collaborative quality improvement in the cardiac intensive care unit: development of the Paediatric Cardiac Critical Care Consortium (PC4) 期刊论文

Cardiology in the Young     ISSN:1047-9511  Volume:25  Issue:5  Page:951-957  

Gaies Michael;   Cooper David S;   Tabbutt Sarah;   Schwartz Steven M;   Ghanayem Nancy;   ...


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Adolescents with tetralogy of Fallot: Neuropsychological assessment and structural brain imaging 期刊论文

Cardiology in the Young     ISSN:1047-9511  Volume:25  Issue:2  Page:338-347  

Bellinger David C;   Bellinger David C;   Rivkin Michael J;   Rivkin Michael J;   Demaso David;   ...


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Percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation with the Venus P-valve: Clinical experience and early results 期刊论文

Cardiology in the Young     ISSN:1047-9511  Volume:26  Issue:4  Page:698-710  

Promphan Worakan;   Prachasilchai Pimpak;   Siripornpitak Suvipaporn;   Qureshi Shakeel A;   Layangool Thanarat;  


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Nomenclature for congenital and paediatric cardiac disease: The International Paediatric and Congenital Cardiac Code (IPCCC) and the Eleventh Iteration of the Internation... 期刊论文

Cardiology in the Young     ISSN:1047-9511  Volume:27  Issue:10  Page:1872-1938  

Franklin Rodney C. G;   Béland Marie J;   Colan Steven D;   Walters Henry L;   Aiello Vera D;   ...

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A randomised trial of early palliative care for maternal stress in infants prenatally diagnosed with single-ventricle heart disease 期刊论文

Cardiology in the Young     ISSN:1047-9511  Volume:28  Issue:4  Page:561-570  

Hancock Hayley S;   Pituch Ken;   Uzark Karen;   Bhat Priya;   Fifer Carly;   ...


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Experience of stent implantation for recurrent aortic arch obstruction following Norwood or Damus-Kaye-Stansel operation over the last decade 期刊论文

Cardiology in the young     ISSN:1047-9511  Volume:29  Issue:9  Page:1-6  

McCrossan Brian;   Nolke Lars;   Kenny Damien;   Oslizlok Paul;   Crispino Gloria;   ...

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Two rare cases of paraganglioma in patients with Fontan physiology 期刊论文

Cardiology in the young     ISSN:1047-9511  Volume:29  Issue:8  Page:1-3  

Moore Lily M;   Knudson Jarrod D;  

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Gradient over Melody valve in left AV valve position reduces with beta blockade 期刊论文

Cardiology in the young     ISSN:1047-9511  Volume:29  Issue:8  Page:1-2  

Krasemann T;   van de Woestijne P;   van den Berg G;  

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Constrictive pericarditis following necrotising pneumococcal pneumonia in an immunocompetent child 期刊论文

Cardiology in the young     ISSN:1047-9511  Volume:29  Issue:8  Page:1-3  

Yubbu Putri;   Kaur Jasvinder;   Jamaluddin Johan Aref;  

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Salvage pulmonary thromboembolectomy for massive pulmonary embolism in a child presented with syncope and subsequent cardiac arrest 期刊论文

Cardiology in the young     ISSN:1047-9511  Volume:29  Issue:8  Page:1-3  

Ak Koray;   Birkan Yasar;   Akalın Figen;   Günay Deniz;  

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A case of right aortic arch with isolated left innominate artery and global cerebral white matter atrophy 期刊论文

Cardiology in the young     ISSN:1047-9511  Volume:29  Issue:8  Page:1107-3  

Binka Edem;   Sun Lisa R;   Gailloud Philippe;   Chiu Joanne S;  

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Blood reservoir function in patients with Fontan circulation and asplenia syndrome 期刊论文

Cardiology in the Young     ISSN:1047-9511  Volume:29  Issue:8  Page:1-4  

Fuse Michitaka;   Sugamoto Kenji;   Kuwata Seiko;   Sekiya Rika;   Kawada Kohei;   ...

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Accuracy of a portable pulse oximeter in monitoring hypoxemic infants with cyanotic heart disease 期刊论文

Cardiology in the young     ISSN:1047-9511  Volume:29  Issue:8  Page:1-5  

Harris Bronwyn U;   Stewart Sarah;   Verma Archana;   Hoen Helena;   Stein Mary Lyn;   ...

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Echocardiographic predictors of elevated left ventricular end diastolic pressure in adolescent and adult patients with repaired tetralogy of Fallot 期刊论文

Cardiology in the Young     ISSN:1047-9511  Volume:29  Issue:8  Page:1-5  

Lubert Adam M;   Cotts Timothy B;   Zampi Jeffrey D;   Yu Sunkyung;   Norris Mark D;  

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Clinical outcomes after the endovascular treatments of pulmonary vein stenosis in patients with congenital heart disease 期刊论文

Cardiology in the young     ISSN:1047-9511  Volume:29  Issue:8  Page:1-9  

Kurita Yoshihiko;   Baba Kenji;   Kondo Maiko;   Eitoku Takahiro;   Kasahara Shingo;   ...

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Virtual dissection and endocast three-dimensional reconstructions: maximizing computed tomographic data for procedural planning of an obstructed pulmonary venous baffle 期刊论文

Cardiology in the young     ISSN:1047-9511  Volume:29  Issue:8  Page:1104-3  

Schneider Kristin;   Ghaleb Stephanie;   Morales David L S;   Tretter Justin T;  

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Anomalous single trunk coronary artery from the right pulmonary artery 期刊论文

Cardiology in the young     ISSN:1047-9511  Volume:29  Issue:8  Page:1-3  

Donmez Yasemin Nuran;   Aykan Hayrettin Hakan;   Yilmaz Mustafa;  

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Long-term outcomes in adults with repaired tetralogy of Fallot and pulmonary atresia 期刊论文

Cardiology in the young     ISSN:1047-9511  Volume:29  Issue:8  Page:1-4  

Egbe Alexander C;   Crestanello Juan;   Dearani Joseph A;   Osman Karim;   Banala Keerthana;   ...

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Impact of congenital heart surgery on quality of life in children and adolescents with surgically corrected Ventricular Septal Defect, Tetralogy of Fallot, and Transposit... 期刊论文

Cardiology in the young     ISSN:1047-9511  Volume:29  Issue:8  Page:1-6  

Holst Line M;   Kronborg Jonas B;   Idorn Lars;   Bjerre Jesper V;   Vejlstrup Niels;   ...

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