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Primate Conservation(191)
ISSN: 0898-6207
The Distribution and Taxonomy of Titi Monkeys (Callicebus) in Central and Southern Peru, with the Description of a New Species 期刊论文

Primate Conservation     ISSN:0898-6207  Volume:29  Issue:1  Page:9-29  

Jan Vermeer;   Julio C. Tello-Alvarado;  

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A New Species in the Genus Cheirogaleus (Cheirogaleidae) 期刊论文

Primate Conservation     ISSN:0898-6207  Page:43-54  

Runhua Lei;   Adam T. McLain;   Cynthia L. Frasier;   Justin M. Taylor;   Carolyn A. Bailey;   ...

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Human-Chimpanzee Sympatry and Interactions in Cantanhez National Park, Guinea-Bissau: Current Research and Future Directions 期刊论文

Primate Conservation     ISSN:0898-6207  Volume:26  Issue:1  Page:57-65  

Kimberley J. Hockings;   Claudia Sousa;  

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Revision of Madagascar's Dwarf Lemurs (Cheirogaleidae: Cheirogaleus): Designation of Species, Candidate Species Status and Geographic Boundaries Based on Molecular and Mo... 期刊论文

Primate Conservation     ISSN:0898-6207  Volume:28  Issue:1  Page:9-35  

Runhua Lei;   Cynthia L. Frasier;   Adam T. McLain;   Justin M. Taylor;   Carolyn A. Bailey;   ...

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Conservation Status and Abundance of the Crowned Sifaka (Propithecus coronatus) 期刊论文

Primate Conservation     ISSN:0898-6207  Volume:28  Issue:1  Page:73-83  

Jordi Salmona;   Emmanuel Rasolondraibe;   Fabien Jan;   Aubin Besolo;   Heriniaina Rakotoarisoa;   ...

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Ring-Tailed Lemurs (Lemur catta), Forest Fragments, and Community-Level Conservation in South-Central Madagascar 期刊论文

Primate Conservation     ISSN:0898-6207  Volume:29  Issue:1  Page:67-73  

L. Gould;   P. Andrianomena;  

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Current Status and Threats to Lagothrix flavicauda and Other Primates in Montane Forest of the Región Huánuco 期刊论文

Primate Conservation     ISSN:0898-6207  Page:31-41  

Rolando Aquino;   Ricardo Zárate;   Luís López;   Gabriel García;   Elvis Charpentier;  

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Trade in Bengal Slow Lorises in Mong La, Myanmar, on the China Border 期刊论文

Primate Conservation     ISSN:0898-6207  Volume:28  Issue:1  Page:139-142  

Vincent Nijman;   Chris R. Shepherd;   K. Anne-Isola Nekaris;  

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Home Range Size and Social Organization of the Sahamalaza Sportive Lemur, Lepilemur sahamalazensis 期刊论文

Primate Conservation     ISSN:0898-6207  Volume:29  Issue:1  Page:55-66  

Melanie Seiler;   Marc Holderied;   Christoph Schwitzer;  

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Primates as Flagships for Conserving Biodiversity and Parks in Indonesia: Lessons Learned from West Java and North Sumatra 期刊论文

Primate Conservation     ISSN:0898-6207  Volume:29  Issue:1  Page:123-131  

Jatna Supriatna;   Anton Ario;  

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Expanding Knowledge on Life History Traits and Infant Development in the Greater Bamboo Lemur (Prolemur simus): Contributions from Kianjavato, Madagascar 期刊论文

Primate Conservation     ISSN:0898-6207  Volume:29  Issue:1  Page:75-86  

Cynthia L. Frasier;   Jean-Norbert Rakotonirina;   Lamaherisolo Gervais Razanajatovo;   Theoluc Stanislas Nasolonjanahary;   Rasolonileniraka;   ...

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A Preliminary Assessment of Sifaka (Propithecus) Distribution, Chromatic Variation and Conservation in Western Central Madagascar 期刊论文

Primate Conservation     ISSN:0898-6207  Volume:28  Issue:1  Page:43-53  

Laingoniaina Herifito Fidèle Rakotonirina;   Fetraharimalala Randriantsara;   Andoniaina Harilala Rakotoarisoa;   Rado Rakotondrabe;   Josia Razafindramanana;   ...

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Distribution and Conservation Status of the Mount Kilimanjaro GuerezaColobus guereza caudatusThomas, 1885 期刊论文

Primate Conservation     ISSN:0898-6207  Volume:29  Issue:1  Page:107-113  

Butynski Thomas M;   de Jong Yvonne A;  


Geza Teleki and the Emergence of Sierra Leone's Wildlife Conservation Movement 期刊论文

Primate Conservation     ISSN:0898-6207  Volume:29  Issue:1  Page:115-122  

Paul Munro;  

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Assessing the Population Status of the Critically Endangered Niger Delta Red Colobus (Piliocolobus epieni) 期刊论文

Primate Conservation     ISSN:0898-6207  Volume:29  Issue:1  Page:87-96  

Rachel Ashegbofe Ikemeh;  

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A New Species in the GenusCheirogaleus(Cheirogaleidae) 期刊论文

Primate Conservation     ISSN:0898-6207  Volume:29  Issue:1  Page:43-54  

Lei Runhua;   McLain Adam T;   Frasier Cynthia L;   Taylor Justin M;   Bailey Carolyn A;   ...


Habitat Use by White-Thighed Colobus in the Kikélé Sacred Forest: Activity Budget, Feeding Ecology and Selection of Sleeping Trees 期刊论文

Primate Conservation     ISSN:0898-6207  Volume:29  Issue:1  Page:97-105  

S. Djègo-Djossou;   I. Koné;   A. B. Fandohan;   J. G. Djègo;   M. C. Huynen;   ...

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Distribution and Conservation Status of the Mount Kilimanjaro Guereza Colobus guereza caudatus Thomas, 1885 期刊论文

Primate Conservation     ISSN:0898-6207  Page:107-113  

Thomas M. Butynski;   Yvonne A. de Jong;  

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The Conservation Impact of the American Society of Primatologists' Conservation Small Grant Program 期刊论文

Primate Conservation     ISSN:0898-6207  Volume:29  Issue:1  Page:1-7  

Erin P. Riley;   Alison A. Zak;  

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Current Status and Threats toLagothrix flavicaudaand Other Primates in Montane Forest of the Región Huánuco 期刊论文

Primate Conservation     ISSN:0898-6207  Volume:29  Issue:1  Page:31-41  

Aquino Rolando;   Zárate Ricardo;   López Luís;   García Gabriel;   Charpentier Elvis;  


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