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ISSN: 0892-7014
Economic impact of biofouling on a naval surface ship 期刊论文

Biofouling     ISSN:0892-7014  Volume:27  Issue:1  Page:87-98  

Schultz M. P;   Bendick J. A;   Holm E. R;   Hertel W. M;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:497

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Resistance of bacterial biofilms to disinfectants: A review 期刊论文

Biofouling     ISSN:0892-7014  Volume:27  Issue:9  Page:1017-1032  

Bridier A;   Briandet R;   Thomas V;   Dubois-Brissonnet F;  


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The impact and control of biofouling in marine aquaculture: a review 期刊论文

Biofouling     ISSN:0892-7014  Volume:28  Issue:7  Page:649-669  

Fitridge Isla;   Dempster Tim;   Guenther Jana;   de Nys Rocky;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:227

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Mini-review: Inhibition of biofouling by marine microorganisms 期刊论文

Biofouling     ISSN:0892-7014  Volume:29  Issue:4  Page:423-441  

Dobretsov Sergey;   Abed Raeid M.M;   Teplitski Max;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:126

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The environmental fate and effects of antifouling paint biocides 期刊论文

Biofouling     ISSN:0892-7014  Volume:26  Issue:1  Page:73-88  

Thomas K. V;   Brooks S;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:253

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Natural products as antifouling compounds: recent progress and future perspectives 期刊论文

Biofouling     ISSN:0892-7014  Volume:26  Issue:2  Page:223-234  

Qian Pei-Yuan;   Xu Ying;   Fusetani Nobushino;  


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Mini review: Biomimetic models and bioinspired surfaces for fouling control 期刊论文

Biofouling     ISSN:0892-7014  Volume:27  Issue:1  Page:73-86  

Scardino Andrew J;   de Nys Rocky;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:176

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Mini-review: Marine natural products and their synthetic analogs as antifouling compounds: 2009-2014 期刊论文

Biofouling     ISSN:0892-7014  Volume:31  Issue:1  Page:101-122  

Qian Pei-Yuan;   Li Zhongrui;   Xu Ying;   Li Yongxin;   Fusetani Nobuhiro;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:72

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Engineered applications of ureolytic biomineralization: a review 期刊论文

Biofouling     ISSN:0892-7014  Volume:29  Issue:6  Page:715-733  

Phillips Adrienne J;   Gerlach Robin;   Lauchnor Ellen;   Mitchell Andrew C;   Cunningham Alfred B;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:95

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Recent developments in superhydrophobic surfaces and their relevance to marine fouling: a review 期刊论文

Biofouling     ISSN:0892-7014  Volume:22  Issue:5  Page:339-360  

Genzer Jan;   Efimenko Kirill;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:678

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Effects of coating roughness and biofouling on ship resistance and powering 期刊论文

Biofouling     ISSN:0892-7014  Volume:23  Issue:5  Page:331-341  

Schultz Michael P;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:333

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Anti-biofilm activities of quercetin and tannic acid against Staphylococcus aureus 期刊论文

Biofouling     ISSN:0892-7014  Volume:29  Issue:5  Page:491-499  

Lee Jin-Hyung;   Park Joo-Hyeon;   Cho Hyun Seob;   Joo Sang Woo;   Cho Moo Hwan;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:96

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Mini-review: Antimicrobial peptides and enzymes as promising candidates to functionalize biomaterial surfaces 期刊论文

Biofouling     ISSN:0892-7014  Volume:30  Issue:4  Page:483-499  

Alves Diana;   Olívia Pereira Maria;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:79

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Mini-review: Quorum sensing in the marine environment and its relationship to biofouling 期刊论文

Biofouling     ISSN:0892-7014  Volume:25  Issue:5  Page:413-427  

Dobretsov Sergey;   Teplitski Max;   Paul Valerie;  


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The development of marine biofilms on two commercial non-biocidal coatings: A comparison between silicone and fluoropolymer technologies 期刊论文

Biofouling     ISSN:0892-7014  Volume:27  Issue:8  Page:869-880  

Dobretsov Sergey;   Thomason Jeremy C;  


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Interfacial pH during mussel adhesive plaque formation 期刊论文

Biofouling     ISSN:0892-7014  Volume:31  Issue:2  Page:221-227  

Martinez Rodriguez Nadine R;   Das Saurabh;   Das Saurabh;   Kaufman Yair;   Israelachvili Jacob N;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:52

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The activity of ferulic and gallic acids in biofilm prevention and control of pathogenic bacteria 期刊论文

Biofouling     ISSN:0892-7014  Volume:28  Issue:7  Page:755-767  

Borges Anabela;   Saavedra Maria J;   Simões Manuel;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:94

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Electrochemically active biofilms: facts and fiction. A review 期刊论文

Biofouling     ISSN:0892-7014  Volume:28  Issue:8  Page:789-812  

Babauta Jerome;   Renslow Ryan;   Lewandowski Zbigniew;   Beyenal Haluk;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:75

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Evaluation of the effects of selected phytochemicals on quorum sensing inhibition and in vitro cytotoxicity 期刊论文

Biofouling     ISSN:0892-7014  Volume:30  Issue:2  Page:183-195  

Borges Anabela;   Serra Sofia;   Cristina Abreu Ana;   Saavedra Maria J;   Salgado António;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:66

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Anti-biofilm activity of silver nanoparticles against different microorganisms 期刊论文

Biofouling     ISSN:0892-7014  Volume:29  Issue:6  Page:651-660  

Martinez-Gutierrez Fidel;   Boegli Laura;   Agostinho Alessandra;   Sánchez Elpidio Morales;   Bach Horacio;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:75

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