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ISSN: 0278-7407
Why subduction zones are curved 期刊论文

Tectonics (Washington, D.C.)     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:29  Issue:6  Page:-n/a  

Mahadevan L;   Bendick R;   Liang Haiyi;  


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Lateral extrusion in the Eastern Alps revisited: Refining the model by thermochronological, sedimentary, and seismic data EXTRUSION IN THE EASTERN ALPS REVISITED 期刊论文

Tectonics (Washington, D.C.)     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:30  Issue:4  Page:-n/a  

Wölfler Andreas;   Kurz Walter;   Fritz Harald;   Stüwe Kurt;  


A Paleogene extensional arc flare-up in Iran 期刊论文

Tectonics (Washington, D.C.)     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:30  Issue:3  Page:-n/a  

Verdel Charles;   Wernicke Brian P;   Hassanzadeh Jamshid;   Guest Bernard;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus, Science Database]         被引频次:212

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Exhumation with a twist: Paleomagnetic constraints on the evolution of the Menderes metamorphic core complex, western Turkey 期刊论文

Tectonics (Washington, D.C.)     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:29  Issue:3  Page:-n/a  

van Hinsbergen Douwe J. J;   Dekkers Mark J;   Bozkurt Erdin;   Koopman Marijn;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Science Database]         被引频次:51

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Vertical tectonics at a continental crust‐oceanic plateau plate boundary zone: Fission track thermochronology of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia 期刊论文

Tectonics (Washington, D.C.)     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:30  Issue:4  Page:-n/a  

Villagómez Diego;   Spikings Richard;   Mora Andrés;   Guzmán Georgina;   Ojeda Germán;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus, Science Database]         被引频次:25

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Syn‐thinning pluton emplacement during Mesozoic extension in eastern Mongolia 期刊论文

Tectonics (Washington, D.C.)     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:31  Issue:3  Page:TC3001-n/a  

Daoudene Yannick;   Gapais Denis;   Ruffet Gilles;   Gloaguen Eric;   Cocherie Alain;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus, Science Database]         被引频次:14

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Oligocene-Miocene back-thrusting in southern Mexico linked to the rapid subduction erosion of a large forearc block 期刊论文

Tectonics (Washington, D.C.)     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:31  Issue:2  Page:-n/a  

Keppie D. Fraser;   Hynes A. J;   Lee J. K. W;   Norman M;  


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Dating the detachment fault system of the Ruby Mountains, Nevada: Significance for the kinematics of low‐angle normal faults 期刊论文

Tectonics (Washington, D.C.)     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:29  Issue:4  Page:1-n/a  

Haines Samuel H;   van der Pluijm Ben A;  


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Kinematics of Tertiary to Quaternary intracontinental deformation of upper crust in the Eastern Cordillera, southern Central Andes, NW Argentina 期刊论文

Tectonics (Washington, D.C.)     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:31  Issue:4  Page:-n/a  

Santimano Tasca;   Riller Ulrich;  


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Quantifying vertical axis rotation in curved orogens: Correlating multiple data sets with a refined weighted least squares strike test 期刊论文

Tectonics (Washington, D.C.)     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:29  Issue:3  Page:-n/a  

Yonkee Adolph;   Weil Arlo Brandon;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Science Database]         被引频次:26

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Basin width control of faulting in the Naryn Basin, south‐central Kyrgyzstan 期刊论文

Tectonics (Washington, D.C.)     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:30  Issue:6  Page:-n/a  

Goode Joseph K;   Burbank Douglas W;   Bookhagen Bodo;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus, Science Database]         被引频次:15

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Comment on “Deep resistivity cross section of the intraplate Atlas Mountains (NW Africa): New evidence of anomalous mantle and related Quaternary volcanism” 期刊论文

Tectonics (Washington, D.C.)     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:31  Issue:5  Page:-n/a  

Jones Alan G;   Kiyan Duygu;   Fullea Javier;   Ledo Juanjo;   Queralt Pilar;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus, Science Database]         被引频次:8

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The Calabrian Arc subduction complex in the Ionian Sea: Regional architecture, active deformation, and seismic hazard 期刊论文

Tectonics (Washington, D.C.)     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:30  Issue:5  Page:TC5018-n/a  

Polonia A;   Torelli L;   Mussoni P;   Gasperini L;   Artoni A;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus, Science Database]         被引频次:113

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Mantle exhumation, crustal denudation, and gravity tectonics during Cretaceous rifting in the Pyrenean realm (SW Europe): Insights from the geological setting of the lher... 期刊论文

Tectonics (Washington, D.C.)     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:29  Issue:4  Page:1-n/a  

Lagabrielle Yves;   Labaume Pierre;   de Saint Blanquat Michel;  


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Detrital zircon and isotopic constraints on the crustal architecture and tectonic evolution of the northeastern Pamir 期刊论文

Tectonics (Washington, D.C.)     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:31  Issue:2  Page:TC2016-n/a  

Robinson Alexander C;   Ducea Mihai;   Lapen Thomas J;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus, Science Database]         被引频次:84

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Late Oligocene high‐temperature shear zones in the core of the Higher Himalayan Crystallines (Lower Dolpo, western Nepal) 期刊论文

Tectonics (Washington, D.C.)     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:29  Issue:4  Page:1-n/a  

Carosi R;   Montomoli C;   Rubatto D;   Visonà D;  


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Erratum: Spatial and temporal patterns of exhumation across the Venezuelan Andes: Implications for Cenozoic Caribbean geodynamics (Tectonics (2010) 29 (TC5009) DOI:10.102... 期刊论文

Tectonics (Washington, D.C.)     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:30  Issue:1  

Bermúdez Mauricio A;   Kohn Barry P;   Van Der Beek Peter A;   Bernet Matthias;   O'Sullivan Paul B;   ...


Probing the depths of the India‐Asia collision: U‐Th‐Pb monazite chronology of granulites from NW Bhutan 期刊论文

Tectonics (Washington, D.C.)     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:30  Issue:2  Page:-n/a  

Warren C. J;   Grujic D;   Kellett D. A;   Cottle J;   Jamieson R. A;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus, Science Database]         被引频次:76

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Crustal‐scale structural architecture in central Chile based on seismicity and surface geology: Implications for Andean mountain building 期刊论文

Tectonics (Washington, D.C.)     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:29  Issue:3  Page:-n/a  

Farías Marcelo;   Comte Diana;   Charrier Reynaldo;   Martinod Joseph;   David Claire;   ...

来源数据库:Science Database        

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Uplift history of the Sila Massif, southern Italy, deciphered from cosmogenic 10Be erosion rates and river longitudinal profile analysis 期刊论文

Tectonics (Washington, D.C.)     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:31  Issue:3  Page:-n/a  

Olivetti Valerio;   Cyr Andrew J;   Molin Paola;   Faccenna Claudio;   Granger Darryl E;  

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