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ISSN: 0278-7407
Detrital zircon geochronology of pre‐Tertiary strata in the Tibetan‐Himalayan orogen 期刊论文

Tectonics     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:30  Issue:5  Page:TC5016-n/a  

Gehrels G;   Kapp P;   DeCelles P;   Pullen A;   Blakey R;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus, Science Database]         被引频次:311

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Tectonic setting of the South China Block in the early Paleozoic: Resolving intracontinental and ocean closure models from detrital zircon U‐Pb geochronology 期刊论文

Tectonics     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:29  Issue:6  Page:TC6020-n/a  

Wang Yuejun;   Zhang Feifei;   Fan Weiming;   Zhang Guowei;   Chen Shiyue;   ...


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Pattern and kinematic polarity of late Mesozoic extension in continental NE Asia: Perspectives from metamorphic core complexes 期刊论文

Tectonics     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:30  Issue:6  Page:-n/a  

Wang Tao;   Zheng Yadong;   Zhang Jinjiang;   Zeng Lingsen;   Donskaya Tatiana;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus, Science Database]         被引频次:159

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Restoration of Cenozoic deformation in Asia and the size of Greater India 期刊论文

Tectonics     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:30  Issue:5  Page:TC5003/1-n/a  

Hinsbergen D.J.J. van;   Kapp P;   Dupont-Nivet G;   Lippert P.C;   Decelles P.G;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus, Science Database]         被引频次:150

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GPS velocity field for the Tien Shan and surrounding regions 期刊论文

Tectonics     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:29  Issue:6  Page:TC6014-n/a  

Zubovich Alexander V;   Wang Xiao‐qiang;   Scherba Yuri G;   Schelochkov Gennady G;   Reilinger Robert;   ...


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A Paleogene extensional arc flare‐up in Iran 期刊论文

Tectonics     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:30  Issue:3  Page:-n/a  

Verdel Charles;   Wernicke Brian P;   Hassanzadeh Jamshid;   Guest Bernard;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus, Science Database]         被引频次:163

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The southernmost margin of the Tethys realm during the Mesozoic and Cenozoic: Initial geometry and timing of the inversion processes 期刊论文

Tectonics     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:30  Issue:3  Page:-n/a  

Frizon de Lamotte Dominique;   Raulin Camille;   Mouchot Nicolas;   Wrobel‐Daveau Jean‐Christophe;   Blanpied Christian;   ...


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Map view restoration of Aegean–West Anatolian accretion and extension since the Eocene 期刊论文

Tectonics     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:31  Issue:5  Page:-n/a  

Hinsbergen Douwe J. J;   Schmid Stefan M;  


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Mesozoic and Cenozoic tectonic history of the central Chinese Tian Shan: Reactivated tectonic structures and active deformation 期刊论文

Tectonics     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:29  Issue:6  Page:TC6019-n/a  

Jolivet M;   Dominguez S;   Charreau J;   Chen Y;   Li Yongan;   ...


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Necking of continental crust in magma‐poor rifted margins: Evidence from the fossil Alpine Tethys margins 期刊论文

Tectonics     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:31  Issue:1  Page:TC1012-n/a  

Mohn G;   Manatschal G;   Beltrando M;   Masini E;   Kusznir N;  


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Diachronous post‐orogenic magmatism within a developing orocline in Iberia, European Variscides 期刊论文

Tectonics     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:30  Issue:5  Page:-n/a  

Gutiérrez‐Alonso Gabriel;   Fernández‐Suárez Javier;   Jeffries Teresa E;   Johnston Stephen T;   Pastor‐Galán Daniel;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus, Science Database]         被引频次:100

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The Calabrian Arc subduction complex in the Ionian Sea: Regional architecture, active deformation, and seismic hazard 期刊论文

Tectonics     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:30  Issue:5  Page:TC5018-n/a  

Polonia A;   Torelli L;   Mussoni P;   Gasperini L;   Artoni A;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus, Science Database]         被引频次:102

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Mantle exhumation, crustal denudation, and gravity tectonics during Cretaceous rifting in the Pyrenean realm (SW Europe): Insights from the geological setting of the lher... 期刊论文

Tectonics     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:29  Issue:4  Page:1-n/a  

Lagabrielle Yves;   Labaume Pierre;   de Saint Blanquat Michel;  


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Tectonic history of the Kyrgyz South Tien Shan (Atbashi‐Inylchek) suture zone: The role of inherited structures during deformation‐propagation 期刊论文

Tectonics     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:30  Issue:6  Page:TC6016-n/a  

Glorie S;   De Grave J;   Buslov M. M;   Zhimulev F. I;   Stockli D. F;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus, Science Database]         被引频次:88

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On the formation and evolution of the Pannonian Basin: Constraints derived from the structure of the junction area between the Carpathians and Dinarides 期刊论文

Tectonics     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:31  Issue:6  Page:TC6007-1-n/a  

Matenco L;   Radivojević D;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus, Science Database]         被引频次:62

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Alpine inversion of the North African margin and delamination of its continental lithosphere 期刊论文

Tectonics     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:31  Issue:3  Page:-n/a  

Roure François;   Casero Piero;   Addoum Belkacem;  

来源数据库:[Scopus, Science Database]        

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The contorted New England Orogen (eastern Australia): New evidence from U‐Pb geochronology of early Permian granitoids 期刊论文

Tectonics     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:31  Issue:1  Page:-n/a  

Rosenbaum Gideon;   Li Pengfei;   Rubatto Daniela;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus, Science Database]         被引频次:79

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High‐pressure metasediments in central Turkey: Constraints on the Neotethyan closure history 期刊论文

Tectonics     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:29  Issue:5  Page:-n/a  

Pourteau A;   Candan O;   Oberhänsli R;  


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Crustal extensional faulting triggered by the 2010 Chilean earthquake: The Pichilemu Seismic Sequence 期刊论文

Tectonics     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:30  Issue:6  Page:TC6010-n/a  

Farías Marcelo;   Comte Diana;   Roecker Steven;   Carrizo Daniel;   Pardo Mario;  

来源数据库:[Scopus, Science Database]        

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Cenozoic foreland basin system in the central Andes of northwestern Argentina: Implications for Andean geodynamics and modes of deformation 期刊论文

Tectonics     ISSN:0278-7407  Volume:30  Issue:6  Page:TC6013-n/a  

DeCelles P. G;   Carrapa B;   Horton B. K;   Gehrels G. E;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus, Science Database]         被引频次:61

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