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Surface & Coatings Technology(39,420)
ISSN: 0257-8972
Functional and smart coatings for corrosion protection: A review of recent advances 期刊论文

Surface & Coatings Technology     ISSN:0257-8972  Volume:258  Page:17-37  

Montemor M.F;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:304

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Hard nanocomposite coatings: Thermal stability, oxidation resistance and toughness 期刊论文

Surface & Coatings Technology     ISSN:0257-8972  Volume:207  Page:50-65  

Musil J;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:308

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Overview on advanced thermal barrier coatings 期刊论文

Surface & Coatings Technology     ISSN:0257-8972  Volume:205  Issue:4  Page:938-942  

Vaßen Robert;   Jarligo Maria Ophelia;   Steinke Tanja;   Mack Daniel Emil;   Stöver Detlev;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:406

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History of diamond-like carbon films — From first experiments to worldwide applications 期刊论文

Surface & Coatings Technology     ISSN:0257-8972  Volume:242  Page:214-225  

Bewilogua Klaus;   Hofmann Dieter;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:177

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High power pulsed magnetron sputtering: A review on scientific and engineering state of the art 期刊论文

Surface & Coatings Technology     ISSN:0257-8972  Volume:204  Issue:11  Page:1661-1684  

Sarakinos K;   Alami J;   Konstantinidis S;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:502

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60years of DLC coatings: Historical highlights and technical review of cathodic arc processes to synthesize various DLC types, and their evolution for industrial applicat... 期刊论文

Surface & Coatings Technology     ISSN:0257-8972  Volume:257  Page:213-240  

Vetter J;  


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Plasma electrolytic oxidation coatings with particle additions – A review 期刊论文

Surface & Coatings Technology     ISSN:0257-8972  Volume:307  Page:1165-1182  

Lu Xiaopeng;   Mohedano Marta;   Blawert Carsten;   Matykina Endzhe;   Arrabal Raul;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:93

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60 years of DLC coatings: Historical highlights and technical review of cathodic arc processes to synthesize various DLC types, and their evolution for industrial applica... 期刊论文

SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY     ISSN:0257-8972  Volume:257  Page:213-240  

Vetter J;  


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Surface design of biodegradable magnesium alloys — A review 期刊论文

Surface & Coatings Technology     ISSN:0257-8972  Volume:233  Page:2-12  

Wu Guosong;   Ibrahim Jamesh Mohammed;   Chu Paul K;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:148

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Preparation of graphene oxide modified by titanium dioxide to enhance the anti-corrosion performance of epoxy coatings 期刊论文

Surface & Coatings Technology     ISSN:0257-8972  Volume:276  Page:471-478  

Yu Zongxue;   Di Haihui;   Ma Yu;   He Yi;   Liang Ling;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:83

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Recent development on surface texturing in enhancing tribological performance of bearing sliders 期刊论文

Surface & Coatings Technology     ISSN:0257-8972  Volume:272  Page:102-120  

Ibatan T;   Uddin M.S;   Chowdhury M.A.K;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:79

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Development of oxidation and corrosion resistance hydrophobic graphene oxide-polymer composite coating on copper 期刊论文

Surface & Coatings Technology     ISSN:0257-8972  Volume:232  Page:475-481  

Singh Bimal P;   Jena Bikash Kumar;   Bhattacharjee Sarama;   Besra Laxmidhar;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:132

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Comparative tribological and corrosion resistance properties of epoxy composite coatings reinforced with functionalized fullerene C60 and graphene 期刊论文

Surface & Coatings Technology     ISSN:0257-8972  Volume:286  Page:354-364  

Liu Shuan;   Liu Dan;   Zhao Wenjie;   Cen Qihong;   Xue Qunji;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:78

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A review of plasma-assisted methods for calcium phosphate-based coatings fabrication 期刊论文

Surface & Coatings Technology     ISSN:0257-8972  Volume:206  Issue:8  Page:2035-2056  

Surmenev Roman A;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:168

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Application of superhydrophobic coatings as a corrosion barrier: A review 期刊论文

Surface & Coatings Technology     ISSN:0257-8972  Volume:341  Page:40-56  

Vazirinasab E;   Jafari R;   Momen G;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:49

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Effect of nanoparticles on the anticorrosion and mechanical properties of epoxy coating 期刊论文

Surface & Coatings Technology     ISSN:0257-8972  Volume:204  Issue:3  Page:237-245  

Shi Xianming;   Nguyen Tuan Anh;   Suo Zhiyong;   Liu Yajun;   Avci Recep;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:274

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A review comparing cathodic arcs and high power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) 期刊论文

Surface & Coatings Technology     ISSN:0257-8972  Volume:257  Issue:C  Page:308-325  

Anders;   ;   André,;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:84

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Non-thermal plasma treatment of textiles 期刊论文

Surface & Coatings Technology     ISSN:0257-8972  Volume:202  Issue:14  Page:3427-3449  

Morent R;   De Geyter N;   Verschuren J;   De Clerck K;   Kiekens P;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:358

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Effect of duty cycle and applied current frequency on plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) coating growth behavior 期刊论文

Surface & Coatings Technology     ISSN:0257-8972  Volume:226  Page:100-107  

Dehnavi Vahid;   Luan Ben Li;   Shoesmith David W;   Liu Xing Yang;   Rohani Sohrab;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:103

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Excellent corrosion protection performance of epoxy composite coatings filled with amino-silane functionalized graphene oxide 期刊论文

Surface & Coatings Technology     ISSN:0257-8972  Volume:317  Page:1-9  

Pourhashem Sepideh;   Rashidi Alimorad;   Vaezi Mohammad Reza;   Bagherzadeh Mohammad Reza;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:49

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