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Library management(2,782)
ISSN: 0143-5124
The whys and hows of academic library space assessment: a case study 期刊论文

Library Management     ISSN:0143-5124  Volume:41  Issue:1  Page:28-38  

Trembach Stan;   Blodgett Jayne;   Epperson Annie;   Floersch Natasha;  

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Understanding the reading habit and attitudes among the rural community in low literacy rate areas in Malaysia Rural library perspectives 期刊论文

Library Management     ISSN:0143-5124  Volume:41  Issue:1  Page:39-52  

Samsuddin Samsul Farid;   Mohamed Shaffril Hayrol Azril;   Bolong Jusang;   Mohamed Nor Aini;  

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Does size matter? In-library study of two Canadian public library branches 期刊论文

Library Management     ISSN:0143-5124  Volume:41  Issue:1  Page:1-13  

Shepherd John;   Petrillo Larissa;   Wilson Allan;  

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Does postgraduate degree make any difference in job performance of information professionals? 期刊论文

Library Management     ISSN:0143-5124  Volume:41  Issue:1  Page:14-27  

Hashmi Farhana;   Ameen Kanwal;   Soroya Saira;  

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Measuring the librarians’ quality of working life in the Iranian public libraries 期刊论文

Library Management     ISSN:0143-5124  Volume:40  Issue:8/9  Page:532-542  

Kazemi Koohbanani Hamta;   Zarei Atefeh;   Erfani Nasrolah;  

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Research on the application of information technology of Big Data in Chinese digital library 期刊论文

Library Management     ISSN:0143-5124  Volume:40  Issue:8/9  Page:518-531  

Li Shuqing;   Hao Zhiyuan;   Ding Li;   Xu Xia;  

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Public libraries, arts and cultural policy in the UK 期刊论文

Library Management     ISSN:0143-5124  Volume:40  Issue:8/9  Page:570-582  

Fletcher Richard;  

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Research on the impact of academic libraries – areas, methods, indicators 期刊论文

Library Management     ISSN:0143-5124  Volume:40  Issue:8/9  Page:583-592  

Głowacka;   ;   Ewa,;  

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The transparency of CSUC member university libraries 期刊论文

Library Management     ISSN:0143-5124  Volume:40  Issue:8/9  Page:558-569  

Rey Martin Carina;   Rodriguez Parada Concepción;   Camón Luis Enric;  

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Management of institutional repositories (IR) in higher education perspective 期刊论文

Library Management     ISSN:0143-5124  Volume:40  Issue:8/9  Page:543-557  

Ukwoma Scholastica Chizoma;   Osadebe Ngozi E;   Dim Chibuzor Livina;  

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A leader’s approaches to fostering a culture of knowledge sharing in an information organization 期刊论文

Library Management     ISSN:0143-5124  Volume:40  Issue:8/9  Page:593-600  

Yi Zhixian;  

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Digital rights management (DRM) in libraries of public universities in Jordan 期刊论文

Library Management     ISSN:0143-5124  Volume:40  Issue:8/9  Page:496-502  

Abu Sirhan Afaf;   Abdrabbo Khalid Mohamad;   Ahmed Ali Al Tawalbeh Serhan;   Hamdi Ahmed Mustafa;   Ali Helalat Mohammad;  

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Quantitative assessment of academic value and demand of journals and determination of core journals for a discipline 期刊论文

Library Management     ISSN:0143-5124  Volume:40  Issue:8/9  Page:601-610  

Sui Gui Ling;   Yao Bin;  

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Contingent appointments in academic libraries: management challenges and opportunities 期刊论文

Library Management     ISSN:0143-5124  Volume:40  Issue:8/9  Page:485-495  

Bladek Marta;  

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Are they even following us? 期刊论文

Library Management     ISSN:0143-5124  Volume:40  Issue:8/9  Page:503-517  

Polger Mark Aaron;   Sich Dan;  

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Social media for international students - it's not all about Facebook 期刊论文

Library Management     ISSN:0143-5124  Volume:34  Issue:3  Page:156-174  

Saw Grace;   Abbott Wendy;   Donaghey Jessie;   McDonald Carolyn;  

来源数据库:[Scopus, ABI/INFORM Global]        

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Project management in higher education: a grounded theory case study 期刊论文

Library Management     ISSN:0143-5124  Volume:40  Issue:5  Page:338-352  

Porter Seth;  


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International book donors and public libraries as partners in primary school literacy development in Kenya 期刊论文

Library Management     ISSN:0143-5124  Volume:40  Issue:6/7  Page:392-401  

Mose Peter;   Kaschula Russell;  

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A review exploring the facets of the value of public libraries 期刊论文

Library Management     ISSN:0143-5124  Volume:40  Issue:6/7  Page:354-367  

Stenstrom Cheryl;   Cole Natalie;   Hanson Rachel;  

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Towards the ethical librarian Perspectives and challenges of staff of Sam Jonah Library, University of Cape Coast – Ghana 期刊论文

Library Management     ISSN:0143-5124  Volume:40  Issue:6/7  Page:428-440  

Amoah Gloria Bosomtwi;   Yeboah Eugene Baah;  

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