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Production of Cloned Pigs from Cultured Fetal Fibroblast Cells 期刊论文

Biology of Reproduction     ISSN:0006-3363  Volume:66  Issue:5  Page:1283-1287  

Andrew C. Boquest;   Christopher G. Grupen;   Sharon J. Harrison;   Stephen M. McIlfatrick;   Rodney J. Ashman;   ...

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Expression of Leptin and Its Receptor in the Murine Ovary: Possible Role in the Regulation of Oocyte Maturation 期刊论文

Biology of Reproduction     ISSN:0006-3363  Volume:66  Issue:5  Page:1548-1554  

Natalie K. Ryan;   Carole M. Woodhouse;   Kylie H. Van der Hoek;   Robert B. Gilchrist;   David T. Armstrong;   ...


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Neonatal and Pubertal Development in Males of a Cooperatively Breeding Primate, the Cotton-Top Tamarin (Saguinus oedipus oedipus)1 期刊论文

Biology of reproduction   ISSN:0006-3363;1529-7268;  Publication-Date:2006-6-21  Volume:66  Issue:2  Page:282-290  

Anita J. Ginther;   Anne A. Carlson;   Toni E. Ziegler;   Charles T. Snowdon;  

来源数据库: PubMed Central

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Sp1 and Egr1 Regulate Transcription of theDmrt1Gene in Sertoli Cells1 期刊论文

Biology of reproduction   ISSN:0006-3363;1529-7268;  Publication-Date:2006-7-7  Volume:66  Issue:3  Page:675-684  

Ning Lei;   Leslie L. Heckert;  

来源数据库: PubMed Central

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