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ISSN: 1000-0534
Numerical Simulation of Effect Qinghai-Xizang Plateau on Drought in Northwest China 期刊论文

Plateau Meteorology     ISSN:1000-0534  Volume:21  Issue:6  Page:529-535  

Wang Yong-qing;   Chen Lian-shou;   Luo Zhe-xian;  

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Impact of Plateau and Cold Air on SHWP and Rain Belt Summer in 1998 and 1991 期刊论文

Plateau Meteorology     ISSN:1000-0534  Volume:21  Issue:6  Page:556-564  

Song Min-hong;   Qian Zheng-an;  

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Analyses on Potential Air Water Resources over Northeast Qinghai in Spring 期刊论文

Plateau Meteorology     ISSN:1000-0534  Volume:21  Issue:6  Page:621-627  

De Li-ge-er;   Huang Yan-bin;   Li Lun-ge;  

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Characteristics of Vertical Distribution of Urban Heatisland Effect in Kunming City 期刊论文

Plateau Meteorology     ISSN:1000-0534  Volume:21  Issue:6  Page:603-609  

Zhang Yi-ping;   He Yun-ling;   Ma You-xin;   Liu Yu-hong;   Li You-rong;   ...

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Contrast Analysis of April General Circulation between More and Less Sandstorm Years in Ningxia 期刊论文

Plateau Meteorology     ISSN:1000-0534  Volume:21  Issue:6  Page:599-603  

Peng Wei-geng;   Chen Nan;  

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Correlation Analyses between Atmospheric Stratification Factors and Ground Lightning Activities in Pingliang Convective Storms 期刊论文

Plateau Meteorology     ISSN:1000-0534  Volume:21  Issue:6  Page:631-636  

Zhang Cui-hua;   Zhang Yi-jun;   Qie Xiu-shu;   Wang Huai-bin;  

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The Characteristics of Ultraviolet Radiation and Its Physiology Effect on the Plants in the Area of Haibei Alpine Meadow of Qilian Mountain 期刊论文

Plateau Meteorology     ISSN:1000-0534  Volume:21  Issue:6  Page:615-621  

Li Ying-nian;   Wang Wenying;   Zhao Liang;   Zhao Xin-quan;   Cao Guang-min;   ...

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Correlation Analysis of East Asia Summer Monsoon Circulation Anomaly Index and Land-Sea Temperature Difference 期刊论文

Plateau Meteorology     ISSN:1000-0534  Volume:21  Issue:6  Page:609-614  

Zhang Hong-mei;   Dong Wen-jie;   Wei Zhi-gang;  

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The Energy Budget of Surface-Tropospher System over Qinghai-Xizang Plateau 期刊论文

Plateau Meteorology     ISSN:1000-0534  Volume:21  Issue:6  Page:546-551  

Shen Zhi-bao;   Cheng Tian-tao;   Wang Ke-li;  

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Application Potential of Polarization Radar in Weather Modification 期刊论文

Plateau Meteorology     ISSN:1000-0534  Volume:21  Issue:6  Page:590-598  

Wang Zhi-jun;   Chu Rong-zhong;  

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The Air Temperature Change in the Past 2000 Years Simulated Using Solar Activity Indices 期刊论文

Plateau Meteorology     ISSN:1000-0534  Volume:21  Issue:6  Page:552-555  

Wang Zhong-rui;   Gao Xiao-qing;   Tang Mao-cang;  

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Decrease of Arctic Sea Ice and Its Relationship with the Sea Surface Pressure and Temperature in High Latitude 期刊论文

Plateau Meteorology     ISSN:1000-0534  Volume:21  Issue:6  Page:565-575  

Fang Zhi-fang;   Guo Yu-fu;   Qiao Qi;   Fang Jin-huai;  

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The Relationship between the Summer Monsoon Circulation in East Asia and ENSO Cycle 期刊论文

Plateau Meteorology     ISSN:1000-0534  Volume:21  Issue:6  Page:536-545  

Chen Yue-juan;   Zhou Ren-jun;   Jian Jun;  

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The Influence of Typhoon on Subtropical High Location and Intensity 期刊论文

Plateau Meteorology     ISSN:1000-0534  Volume:21  Issue:6  Page:575-582  

Li Chun-hu;   Huang Fu-jun;   Luo Zhe-xian;  

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Study on Short-Range Climatic Prediction Models of Summer Server Drought and Flood in Guizhou 期刊论文

Plateau Meteorology     ISSN:1000-0534  Volume:21  Issue:6  Page:627-631  

Xu Bing-nan;  

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A Simplified PDF for Computing Regional Mean Flux over Heterogeneous Surface and Its Application 期刊论文

Plateau Meteorology     ISSN:1000-0534  Volume:21  Issue:6  Page:583-590  

Liu Jing-miao;   Wang Ji-jun;   Ding Yu-guo;  

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Similarity analysis of atmospheric turbulent intensity over grassland surface of Qinghai-Xizang Plateau 期刊论文

Plateau Meteorology     ISSN:1000-0534  Volume:21  Issue:5  Page:514-517  

Ma Y-M;   Ma W-Q;   Hu Z-Y;   Li M-S;   Wang J-M;   ...

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Simulating diagnostic analyses for frontogenesis and surface sensible heat flux of a sand-dust storm process 期刊论文

Plateau Meteorology     ISSN:1000-0534  Volume:21  Issue:5  Page:488-494  

Sun J;   Yao X-P;  

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The characteristics of maximum and minimum temperature change and distribution in Northwest China 期刊论文

Plateau Meteorology     ISSN:1000-0534  Volume:21  Issue:5  Page:509-513  

Ma P-L;   Wang R-S;   Wang B-L;   Yang X-L;  

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Remote sensing dust storm using TOMS data 期刊论文

Plateau Meteorology     ISSN:1000-0534  Volume:21  Issue:5  Page:457-465  

Zhang J-H;   Mao J-T;   Wang M-H;  

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