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Acta Ecologica Sinica(939)
ISSN: 1872-2032
Integration of Allelopathy and herbicide to control Asphodelus tenuifolius in chickpea crop 期刊论文

Acta Ecologica Sinica     ISSN:1872-2032  Volume:39  Issue:2  Page:181-184  

Khan Muhammad Ishfaq;   Khan Imtiaz;   Hashmatullah;  

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Fungi infecting Escobaria cubensis and Melocactus holguinensis (Cactaceae) in northeastern Cuba 期刊论文

Acta Ecologica Sinica     ISSN:1872-2032  Volume:39  Issue:2  Page:117-124  

Reyes-Fornet Alena;   Fornet Hernández Elena Balbina;   Martínez Ondaro Yania Raquel;  

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Effects of simulated warming on soil ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea communities in an alpine forest of western Sichuan, China 期刊论文

Acta Ecologica Sinica     ISSN:1872-2032  Volume:37  Issue:2  Page:85-90  

Zhang Li;   Wu Fuzhong;   Xu Zhenfeng;   Tan Bo;   Wang Ao;   ...

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Floral traits and mating system of Hibiscus trionum (Malvaceae) 期刊论文

Acta Ecologica Sinica     ISSN:1872-2032  Volume:37  Issue:2  Page:91-96  

Li Qun;   Ruan Cheng-Jiang;   Teixeira da Silva Jaime A;  

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Effects of shell morphological traits on the weight trait of the orange strain of the Manila clam 期刊论文

Acta Ecologica Sinica     ISSN:1872-2032  Volume:37  Issue:2  Page:75-78  

Huo Zhong-ming;   Wu Yu-an;   Gao Zhi-ying;   Chu Guan-nan;   Yan Xi-wu;   ...

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Soil microorganisms nitrogen transformation test for abamectin 3.6 g/L EC (w/v) in loamy sand soil 期刊论文

Acta Ecologica Sinica     ISSN:1872-2032  Volume:37  Issue:2  Page:115-119  

Tentu Nageswara Rao;   Botsa Parvatamma;   Tentu Manohara Naidu;   Apparao Karri;  


Aspects and altitudes modify the requirement of disturbance in oak (Quercus leucotrichophora A. Camus) belt of Garhwal Himalaya 期刊论文

Acta Ecologica Sinica     ISSN:1872-2032  Volume:37  Issue:2  Page:70-74  

Prasad Sunil;   Singh Vikaspal;   Chauhan DS;  

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Floristic diversity along altitudinal gradient under Betula utilis in North Western Himalayas of Kashmir, India 期刊论文

Acta Ecologica Sinica     ISSN:1872-2032  

Mir Naseer A;   Masoodi T.H;   Geelani Syed Maqbool;   Wani Akhlaq Amin;   Parrey Gowher N;   ...


Assessment of the antimicrobial activity of the lipoidal and pigment extracts of Punica granatum L. leaves 期刊论文

Acta Ecologica Sinica     ISSN:1872-2032  Volume:39  Issue:1  Page:89-94  

Elbatanony Marwa M;   El-Feky Amal M;   Hemdan Bahaa A;   Azab El-Liethy M;  

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Crop residue-derived dissolved organic matter accelerates the decomposition of native soil organic carbon in a temperate agricultural ecosystem 期刊论文

Acta Ecologica Sinica     ISSN:1872-2032  Volume:39  Issue:1  Page:69-76  

Qiu Qingyan;   Wu Lanfang;   Li Binbin;  

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Effect of salinity on germination characters and seedlings parameters of Egyptian flax cultivars growing in Nyiregyhaza 期刊论文

Acta Ecologica Sinica     ISSN:1872-2032  Volume:39  Issue:1  Page:102-108  

Abido W.A.E;   Zsombik L;  

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Ecological restoration and factors regulating phytoplankton community in a hypertrophic shallow lake, Lake Taihu, China 期刊论文

Acta Ecologica Sinica     ISSN:1872-2032  Volume:39  Issue:1  Page:81-88  

Ke Zhixin;   Xie Ping;   Guo Longgen;  

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Response of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) growth to different phosphorous levels and sowing dates 期刊论文

Acta Ecologica Sinica     ISSN:1872-2032  Volume:39  Issue:1  Page:30-35  

Naz Nasreen;   Khan Ikramullah;   Gul Bakhtiar;   Ayub Gohar;   Jan Farooq;   ...

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Ethnobotanical and ecological assessment of plant resources at District Dir, Tehsil Timergara, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan 期刊论文

Acta Ecologica Sinica     ISSN:1872-2032  Volume:39  Issue:1  Page:109-115  

Shuaib Muhammad;   Ahmed Sajjad;   Ali Kashif;   Ilyas Muhammad;   Hussain Firasat;   ...

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Soil physical properties and carbon/nitrogen relationships in stable aggregates under legume and grass fallow 期刊论文

Acta Ecologica Sinica     ISSN:1872-2032  Volume:39  Issue:1  Page:56-62  

Udom B.E;   Omovbude S;  

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Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system: Estimation of soil aggregates stability 期刊论文

Acta Ecologica Sinica     ISSN:1872-2032  Volume:39  Issue:1  Page:95-101  

Marashi Maryam;   Torkashvand Ali Mohammadi;   Ahmadi Abbas;   Esfandyari Mehrdad;  

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Endophytic fungus Serendipita indica increased nutrition absorption and biomass accumulation in Cunninghamia lanceolata seedlings under low phosphate 期刊论文

Acta Ecologica Sinica     ISSN:1872-2032  Volume:39  Issue:1  Page:21-29  

Wu Chu;   Li Bincheng;   Wei Qiao;   Pan Rui;   Zhang Wenying;  

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Habitat distribution modelling and reinforcement of Elaeocarpus serratus L. - A threatened tree species of Assam, India for improvement of its conservation status 期刊论文

Acta Ecologica Sinica     ISSN:1872-2032  Volume:39  Issue:1  Page:42-49  

Baruah Prantik Sharma;   Deka Kishor;   Lahkar Lipika;   Sarma Bhaskar;   Borthakur S.K;   ...

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Influence of Ficus carica and Olea europaea leaves extracts on the mycelial growth of mushrooms in vitro 期刊论文

Acta Ecologica Sinica     ISSN:1872-2032  Volume:39  Issue:1  Page:36-41  

Owaid Mustafa Nadhim;   Jaloot Ahmed Saadoon;   Ahmed Dhuha Mohammed;  

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Sprouting as a survival strategy for non-coniferous trees: Relation to population structure and spatial pattern of Emmenopterys henryi (Rubiales) 期刊论文

Acta Ecologica Sinica     ISSN:1872-2032  Volume:39  Issue:1  Page:1-8  

Ma Mengwen;   Wu Yuhuan;   Zhang Yi;   Kang Huajing;   Chen Zilin;   ...

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