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期刊名称: Traektoriâ Nauki
Volume:3    Issue:10        Page:3001-3012

Students’ Perceptions of Their Teachers’ Performance in Teaching Engineering Drawing in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions期刊论文

作者: Hassan Bashir Alias Maizam Saleh Kahirol Moh'd Awang Halizah

页码: 3001-3012
出版者: Altezoro, s. r. o. Dialog,Altezoro s.r.o. (Slovak Republic) and Publishing Center "Dialog" (Ukraine)
期刊名称: Traektoriâ Nauki
ISSN: 2413-9009
卷期: Volume:3    Issue:10
摘要: There have been concerns about the performance of Nigerian school teachers’ in delivering occupational related courses. However, there are currently limited empirical data on this phenomenon – in particular with respect to the teaching of engineering drawing – to justify further actions from educational managers and policy makers. The aim of this study was to assess teachers’ performance in teaching engineering drawing using students’ perception as indicator of teachers’ performance. The study utilized a cross-sectional research design method with the target population of technical education students drawn from four (4) Federal Colleges of education (Technical) in Northern Nigeria. Stratified proportionate sampling technique was used to arrive at the study sample of 253 technical education students. A specifically designed instrument, the Students’ Perceptions of Teachers’ Performance Scales (SPTPS) was used to gather data on the three performance dimensions namely contextual, task and adaptability performance. The exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis methods were conducted to validate the performance constructs. The instrument has a high reliability of 0.90 based on the Cronbach Alpha method. The result of the analysis using estimation method indicates that students perceive their teachers’ performance to be at a slightly above average level (M= 3.51 ± 0.05 at the 95% confidence level). The teachers’ task performance in particular, is found to be the least developed among the three dimension of performance while their adaptability performance is the highest while still being less than excellent. The data support the conclusion that there are aspects of teachers’ performance in teaching engineering drawing that is less than excellent and in need of further enhancements.
相关主题: Higher Education, students' perception, engineering drawing, teaching, teachers' performance,






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