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期刊名称: Archive of Applied Mechanics
Volume:89    Issue:7        Page:1333-1358

Numerical identification of constitutive parameters in reduced-order bi-dimensional models for pantographic structures: application to out-of-plane buckling期刊论文

作者: De Angelo Michele Barchiesi Emilio Giorgio Ivan Abali B Emek

页码: 1333-1358
被引频次: 1
出版者: Springer Berlin Heidelberg,SPRINGER,Springer
期刊名称: Archive of Applied Mechanics
ISSN: 0939-1533
卷期: Volume:89    Issue:7
语言: English
摘要: Mechanical properties are investigated for a class of microstructured materials with promising applications. Specifically, we consider a composite material with orthogonal, mutually interconnected fibers building a pantographic substructure. In order to predict the behavior of such a system in three-dimensional continuum, a reduced-order model is introduced by means of a bi-dimensional elastic surface accurately describing large deformations. The properties of this reduced-order model are characterized by an elastic energy density that involves second space derivatives of the displacement for capturing the resistance of twisted and bent fibers in plane as well as out of plane. For determining the coefficients in the elastic energy of the reduced-order model, we utilize a numerical inverse analysis and make use of ad hoc computational experiments performed by a direct numerical simulation on the microscale with detailed modeling of the pantographic substructure. This reduced-order model represents a homogenized material on macro-scale with its substructure on microscale. The homogenized model is capable of describing materials response at a significantly less computational cost than the direct numerical simulations.
相关主题: Engineering, Material identification, Classical Mechanics, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Nonlinear elasticity, Elastic surface theory, Buckling, CONSTANTS, BEAMS, GRADIENT CONTINUUM MODELS, SHEETS, HOMOGENIZATION, ELASTICITY, MECHANICS, DISCRETE, IDEAS, Usage, Models, Numerical analysis,






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