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期刊名称: Oryx
Volume:42    Issue:3        Page:340-351

Assessing progress towards global marine protection targets: shortfalls in information and action期刊论文

作者: Wood Louisa J Fish Lucy Laughren Josh Pauly Daniel

页码: 340-351
被引频次: 256
出版者: Cambridge University Press,CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS
期刊名称: Oryx
ISSN: 0030-6053
卷期: Volume:42    Issue:3
语言: English
摘要: Current global marine protection targets aim to protect 10-30% of marine habitats within the next 3-5 years. However, these targets were adopted without prior assessment of their achievability. Moreover, ability to monitor progress towards such targets has been constrained by a lack of robust data on marine protected areas. Here We present the results of the first explicitly marine-focused global assessment of protected areas in relation to global marine protection targets. Approximately 2.35 million km(2) 0.65% of the world's oceans and 1.6% of the total marine area within Exclusive Economic Zones, are currently protected. Only 0.08% of the world's oceans, and 0.2% of the total marine area under national jurisdiction is no-take. The global distribution of protected areas is both uneven and unrepresentative at multiple scales, and only half of the world's marine protected areas are part of a coherent network. Since 1984 the spatial extent of marine area protected globally has grown at an annual rate of 4.6%, at which even the most modest target is unlikely to be met for at least several decades rather than within the coming decade. These results validate concerns over the relevance and utility of broad conservation targets, However, given the low level of protection for marine ecosystems, a more immediate global concern is the need for a rapid increase in marine protected area coverage. In this case, the process of comparing targets to their expected achievement dates may help to mobilize support for the policy shifts and increased resources needed to improve the current level of marine protection.
相关主题: Marine protected area, Conservation target, International policy, BIODIVERSITY, DESIGN, CONSERVATION TARGETS, CLIMATE-CHANGE, DISPERSAL, conservation target, FISHERIES, RESERVES, international policy, CONNECTIVITY, marine protected area, ECOLOGY, DIVERSITY, AREAS,






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