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National Science and Technology Library(NSTL)
The National Science and Technology Library (NSTL) is a virtual institution consisting of the Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (LCAS), the National Engineering and Technology Library (NETL), the Library of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (LCAAS), and the Library of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (LCAMS). It is the aims that NSTL is to collect and exploit documentation and information in natural sciences, engineering and technologies, agricultural sciences, and medical sciences as required by national development, and to provide documentation and information services to the S & T community nationwide and other information-based services to wider public.

The National Library of China(NLC)
The National Library of China(NLC) The National Library of China is a comprehensive research library, a national repository of the home publications, a national bibliographic center, a national center of library information networks, and the library research and development center. The Library serves for central legislature, government, key research institutions, academy, education, business and the general public. The Library is responsible for implementing the official cultural agreements and conducts communication and cooperation with the libraries both at home and abroad.

China Academic Library & Information System (CALIS)
China Academic Library & Information System (CALIS)Funded primarily by the Chinese Government, under the leadership of Ministry of Education, the mission of CALIS (China Academic Library and Information System) is to promote, maintain and improve library resource-sharing among Chinese universities, between academic libraries and other libraries and information institutions. As a national wide academic library consortium, CALIS is to build the China Academic Digital Library, creating and extending access to digital resources to all the 1,000 Chinese universities and to the public at large. The CALIS National Administrative Center is located in Peking University Library.

Chinese National Science Digital Library (CSDL/CAS)
Chinese National Science Digital Library (CSDL/CAS), launched in December 2001, is one of the key Knowledge Innovation Engineering Projects sponsored by Chinese Academy of Sciences. Aiming at the frontier of international digital library development, serving to the demands of Knowledge Innovation Engineering Projects and the national knowledge innovation system construction, the main tasks of CSDL is to build a sci-tech document and information supporting system for scientific activities and national innovation system, based on Chinese Science and Technology Network (CSTNet). Through the Project, by the end of 2005, a custom-oriented digital information service system with the characters of distributed information and integrated custom-built function will be put in use.

Gottingen State and University Library (SUB)
Gottingen State and University Library (SUB)The University Library Goettingen (SUB, is one of the largest libraries in Germany. Its holdings include 4,500,000 books, 1,100,000 items in microform, 14,000 journal subscriptions, 13,000 manuscripts, posthumous works, more than 300 online and CD-ROM databases as well as extensive digital materials. With the financial support of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) the library collects comprehensively in twenty-one special subjects fields, as e.g. information science and librarianship. With its various projects, SUB is one of the leading institutions in the development of the Digital Library in Germany. The research and development at SUB is focused e.g. on national and international standardization activities, service-oriented web portals, electronic publishing and digital preservation. In October 2002 the SUB was presented with the German Library of the Year 20002 award.

Austrian National Library (ANL)
Austrian National Library (ANL) As the main scientific library of the Republic of Austria, the Austrian National Library (ANL) can look back on a history rich in tradition dating to the 14th century. It is a living bridge between the rich heritage of the past and the claims of a modern informed society oriented toward the future. As an information centre for providing services, the ANL offers its visitors access to and professionally competent advice on its own holdings (over six million objects), and links to international databases as well. In addition it accepts research commissions and consults documentation centres and services, e.g., on literature devoted specifically to women. Since the beginning of the digital age a constantly growing portion of the service is carried out through the homepages of the ANL. Because of a requirement of the Austrian Media Law the ANL is the only library in the country that receives a copy of every publication appearing in Austria, including university theses and products of the electronic media.

Electronic Information For Libraries( eIFL )
Electronic Information For Libraries ( eIFL ) is an independent foundation that strives to lead, negotiate, support and advocate for the wide availability of electronic resources by library users in transition and developing countries. Its main focus is on negotiating affordable subscriptions on a multi-country consortia basis, while supporting the enhancement of emerging national library consortia in member countries.