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作者 : In-Kyung Lee ;   Seoung-Ae Lee ;   Hong Kim ;   You-Sub Won ;   Bum-Joon Kim ;  
ISSN : 1007-9327;2219-2840;
出版时间 : 2015
卷期 : 21(22)
起始页码 : 6872
终止页码 : 6883
摘要 : AIM: To investigate the mechanism of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress induction by an occult infection related hepatitis B virus S surface antigen (HBsAg) variant.


Treatment of peri-anal fistula in Crohn's disease期刊论文

作者:Giuseppe S Sica,Sara Di Carlo,Giorgia Tema,Fabrizio Montagnese,Giovanna Del Vecchio Blanco,Valeria Fiaschetti,Giulia Maggi,Livia Biancone等 ISSN:1007-9327;2219-2840;  publication-date:2014-10-7  Volume:20  Issue:37  Page:13205-13210  

Surgical treatment of ulcerative colitis: Ileorectalvsileal pouch-anal anastomosis期刊论文

作者:Daniele Scoglio,Usama Ahmed Ali,Alessandro Fichera等 ISSN:1007-9327;2219-2840;  publication-date:2014-10-7  Volume:20  Issue:37  Page:13211-13218  

Crohn's disease and growth deficiency in children and adolescents期刊论文

作者:Marco Gasparetto,Graziella Guariso等 ISSN:1007-9327;2219-2840;  publication-date:2014-10-7  Volume:20  Issue:37  Page:13219-13233  

Biological therapy for ulcerative colitis: An update期刊论文

作者:Geom Seog Seo,Soo-Cheon Chae等 ISSN:1007-9327;2219-2840;  publication-date:2014-10-7  Volume:20  Issue:37  Page:13234-13238  

Enteral stents for the management of malignant colorectal obstruction期刊论文

作者:Jeremy Kaplan,Anna Strongin,Douglas G Adler,Ali A Siddiqui等 ISSN:1007-9327;2219-2840;  publication-date:2014-10-7  Volume:20  Issue:37  Page:13239-13245  

Impact of proteolytic enzymes in colorectal cancer development and progression期刊论文

作者:László Herszényi,Loránd Barabás,István Hritz,Gábor István,Zsolt Tulassay等 ISSN:1007-9327;2219-2840;  publication-date:2014-10-7  Volume:20  Issue:37  Page:13246-13257  

Probiotics against neoplastic transformation of gastric mucosa: Effects on cell proliferation and polyamine metabolism期刊论文

作者:Francesco Russo,Michele Linsalata,Antonella Orlando等 ISSN:1007-9327;2219-2840;  publication-date:2014-10-7  Volume:20  Issue:37  Page:13258-13272  

Ever-changing endoscopic treatment for early gastric cancer: Yesterday-today-tomorrow期刊论文

作者:Mi-Young Kim,Jun-Hyung Cho,Joo Young Cho等 ISSN:1007-9327;2219-2840;  publication-date:2014-10-7  Volume:20  Issue:37  Page:13273-13283  

Short- and long-term outcome of interferon therapy for chronic hepatitis B infection期刊论文

作者:Yasushi Seo,Yoshihiko Yano等 ISSN:1007-9327;2219-2840;  publication-date:2014-10-7  Volume:20  Issue:37  Page:13284-13292  

Update on hepatitis B virus infection期刊论文

作者:Chan Ran You,Sung Won Lee,Jeong Won Jang,Seung Kew Yoon等 ISSN:1007-9327;2219-2840;  publication-date:2014-10-7  Volume:20  Issue:37  Page:13293-13305  





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