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Endoscopic treatment of gastroparesis 期刊论文

作者: Thomas R McCarty Tarun Rustagi

作者 : Thomas R McCarty ;   Tarun Rustagi ;  
ISSN : 1007-9327;2219-2840;
出版时间 : 2015
卷期 : 21(22)
起始页码 : 6842
终止页码 : 6849
摘要 : Gastroparesis has traditionally been a largely medically managed disease with refractory symptoms typically falling under the umbrella of the surgical domain. Surgical options include, but are not limited to, gastrostomy, jejunostomy, pyloromyotomy, or pyloroplasty, and the Food and Drug Administration approved gastric electrical stimulation implantation. Endoscopic management of gastroparesis most commonly involves intrapyloric botulinum toxin injection; however, there exists a variety of endoscopic approaches on the horizon that have the potential to radically shift standard of care. Endoscopic management of gastroparesis seeks to treat delayed gastric emptying with a less invasive approach compared to the surgical approach. This review will serve to highlight such innovative and potentially transformative, endoscopic interventions available to gastroenterologists in the management of gastroparesis.


Treatment of peri-anal fistula in Crohn's disease期刊论文

作者:Giuseppe S Sica,Sara Di Carlo,Giorgia Tema,Fabrizio Montagnese,Giovanna Del Vecchio Blanco,Valeria Fiaschetti,Giulia Maggi,Livia Biancone等 ISSN:1007-9327;2219-2840;  publication-date:2014-10-7  Volume:20  Issue:37  Page:13205-13210  

Surgical treatment of ulcerative colitis: Ileorectalvsileal pouch-anal anastomosis期刊论文

作者:Daniele Scoglio,Usama Ahmed Ali,Alessandro Fichera等 ISSN:1007-9327;2219-2840;  publication-date:2014-10-7  Volume:20  Issue:37  Page:13211-13218  

Crohn's disease and growth deficiency in children and adolescents期刊论文

作者:Marco Gasparetto,Graziella Guariso等 ISSN:1007-9327;2219-2840;  publication-date:2014-10-7  Volume:20  Issue:37  Page:13219-13233  

Biological therapy for ulcerative colitis: An update期刊论文

作者:Geom Seog Seo,Soo-Cheon Chae等 ISSN:1007-9327;2219-2840;  publication-date:2014-10-7  Volume:20  Issue:37  Page:13234-13238  

Enteral stents for the management of malignant colorectal obstruction期刊论文

作者:Jeremy Kaplan,Anna Strongin,Douglas G Adler,Ali A Siddiqui等 ISSN:1007-9327;2219-2840;  publication-date:2014-10-7  Volume:20  Issue:37  Page:13239-13245  

Impact of proteolytic enzymes in colorectal cancer development and progression期刊论文

作者:László Herszényi,Loránd Barabás,István Hritz,Gábor István,Zsolt Tulassay等 ISSN:1007-9327;2219-2840;  publication-date:2014-10-7  Volume:20  Issue:37  Page:13246-13257  

Probiotics against neoplastic transformation of gastric mucosa: Effects on cell proliferation and polyamine metabolism期刊论文

作者:Francesco Russo,Michele Linsalata,Antonella Orlando等 ISSN:1007-9327;2219-2840;  publication-date:2014-10-7  Volume:20  Issue:37  Page:13258-13272  

Ever-changing endoscopic treatment for early gastric cancer: Yesterday-today-tomorrow期刊论文

作者:Mi-Young Kim,Jun-Hyung Cho,Joo Young Cho等 ISSN:1007-9327;2219-2840;  publication-date:2014-10-7  Volume:20  Issue:37  Page:13273-13283  

Short- and long-term outcome of interferon therapy for chronic hepatitis B infection期刊论文

作者:Yasushi Seo,Yoshihiko Yano等 ISSN:1007-9327;2219-2840;  publication-date:2014-10-7  Volume:20  Issue:37  Page:13284-13292  

Update on hepatitis B virus infection期刊论文

作者:Chan Ran You,Sung Won Lee,Jeong Won Jang,Seung Kew Yoon等 ISSN:1007-9327;2219-2840;  publication-date:2014-10-7  Volume:20  Issue:37  Page:13293-13305  





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