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作者 : Tyler W. Watts ;   Greg J. Duncan ;   Robert S. Siegler ;   Pamela E. Davis-Kean ;  
ISSN : 0013-189X;1935-102X;
出版时间 : 2015
卷期 : 43(7)
起始页码 : 352
终止页码 : 360
摘要 : Although previous research has established the association between early-grade mathematics knowledge and later mathematics achievement, few studies have measured mathematical skills prior to school entry, nor have they investigated the predictive power of early gains in mathematics ability. The current paper relates mathematical skills measured at 54 months to adolescent mathematics achievement using multi-site longitudinal data. We find that preschool mathematics ability predicts mathematics achievement through age 15, even after accounting for early reading, cognitive skills, and family and child characteristics. Moreover, we find that growth in mathematical ability between age 54 months and first grade is an even stronger predictor of adolescent mathematics achievement. These results demonstrate the importance of pre-kindergarten mathematics knowledge and early math learning for later achievement.


Intended and Unintended Effects of State-Mandated High School Science and Mathematics Course Graduation Requirements on Educational Attainment期刊论文

作者:.Plunk Craig C,.Tate Andrew D,.Bierut William F,.Grucza Laura J等 ISSN:0013-189X;1935-102X;  publication-date:2014-8-16  Volume:43  Issue:5  Page:230-241  

Is the Sky Falling? Grade Inflation and the Signaling Power of Grades期刊论文

作者:Evangeleen Pattison,Eric Grodsky,Chandra Muller等 ISSN:0013-189X;1935-102X;  publication-date:2014-5-7  Volume:42  Issue:5  Page:259-265  

Diversity ≠ Inclusion: Promoting Integration in Higher Education期刊论文

作者:Marta Tienda等 ISSN:0013-189X;1935-102X;  publication-date:2015-8-5  Volume:42  Issue:9  Page:467-475  

Infusing Neuroscience into Teacher Professional Development期刊论文

作者:Janet M Dubinsky,Gillian Roehrig,Sashank Varma等 ISSN:0013-189X;1935-102X;  publication-date:2015-5-19  Volume:42  Issue:6  Page:317-329  

What’s Past is Prologue: Relations Between Early Mathematics Knowledge and High School Achievement期刊论文

作者:Tyler W. Watts,Greg J. Duncan,Robert S. Siegler,Pamela E. Davis-Kean等 ISSN:0013-189X;1935-102X;  publication-date:2015-11-4  Volume:43  Issue:7  Page:352-360  

Measurement Matters: Assessing Personal Qualities Other Than Cognitive Ability for Educational Purposes期刊论文

作者:Angela L. Duckworth,David Scott Yeager等 ISSN:0013-189X;1935-102X;  publication-date:2016-3-11  Volume:44  Issue:4  Page:237-251  

Minorities are Disproportionately Underrepresented in Special Education: Longitudinal Evidence Across Five Disability Conditions期刊论文

作者:Morgan Xiaoqi,.Farkas Paul L,Hillemeier George,.Mattison Marianne M,Maczuga Richard,Li Steve,Cook Hui等 ISSN:0013-189X;1935-102X;  publication-date:2016-2-12  Volume:44  Issue:5  Page:278-292  

Thirteenth AnnualBrownLecture in Education Research期刊论文

作者:Marta Tienda等 ISSN:0013-189X;1935-102X;  publication-date:2017-8-16  Volume:46  Issue:6  Page:271-283  





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