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期刊名称: Biology of reproduction
Volume:66(3)     2006

作者 : Ning Lei ;   Leslie L. Heckert ;  
发表期刊 : Biology of reproduction
ISSN : 0006-3363;1529-7268;
出版时间 : 2006
卷期 : 66(3)
起始页码 : 675
终止页码 : 684
摘要 : Dmrt1is a recently described gene that is specifically expressed in the gonads and is required for postnatal testis differentiation. Here, we describe the transcriptional mechanisms regulating theDmrt1proximal promoter in testicular Sertoli cells. A genomic clone containing exon 1 of the ratDmrt1gene and more than 9 kilobases of 5′ flanking sequence was isolated and characterized. Several prominent transcriptional start sites were identified, with the major site located 102 bases from the translational start. TheDmrt15′ flanking region from ?5000 to + 74 was transcriptionally active in primary Sertoli cells, and deletion analysis of this fragment identified 2 major regions needed for fullDmrt1promoter function. These regions were located between ?3200 and ?2000 base pairs (bp) and downstream of ?150 bp relative to the major transcriptional start site. DNase I footprint analysis of the region downstream of ?150 bp revealed 3 regions that are bound by proteins from Sertoli cell nuclear extracts. Site-directed mutagenesis of these regions identified 2 elements that activate theDmrt1promoter and 2 that repress it. The positive elements bind the transcription factors Sp1, Sp3, and Egr1, suggesting that these transcription factors play a critical role inDmrt1regulation in the testis.


Purification and Partial Characterization of Relaxin and Relaxin Precursors from the Hamster Placenta1期刊论文

作者:R.H. RENEGAR,C.R. OWENS,J.M. CHALOVICH等   ISSN:0006-3363;1529-7268;  publication-date:2005-7-19  Volume:49  Issue:1  Page:154-161  

Sp1 and Egr1 Regulate Transcription of theDmrt1Gene in Sertoli Cells1期刊论文

作者:Ning Lei,Leslie L. Heckert等   ISSN:0006-3363;1529-7268;  publication-date:2006-7-7  Volume:66  Issue:3  Page:675-684  

Expression of Steroidogenic Factor 1 in the Testis Requires an Interactive Array of Elements Within Its Proximal Promoter1期刊论文

作者:Serge P. Scherrer,Daren A. Rice,Leslie L. Heckert等   ISSN:0006-3363;1529-7268;  publication-date:2006-7-7  Volume:67  Issue:5  Page:1509-1521  

Expression of Steroidogenic Factor 1 in the Testis Requires an E Box and CCAAT Box in its Promoter Proximal Region1期刊论文

作者:Melissa A.F. Daggett,Daren A. Rice,Leslie L. Heckert等   ISSN:0006-3363;1529-7268;  publication-date:2006-7-7  Volume:62  Issue:3  Page:670-679  

Early Placental Insulin-like Protein (INSL4 or EPIL) in Placental and Fetal Membrane Growth1期刊论文

作者:Lynnae Millar,Nicole Streiner,Lisa Webster,Sandra Yamamoto,Rachel Okabe,Tasha Kawamata,Jacqueline Shimoda,Erika Büllesbach,Christian Schwabe,Gillian Bryant-Greenwood等   ISSN:0006-3363;1529-7268;  publication-date:2006-2-17  Volume:73  Issue:4  Page:695-702  

Epidermal Growth Factor and Interleukin-1β Utilize Divergent Signaling Pathways to Synergistically Upregulate Cyclooxygenase-2 Gene Expression in Human Amnion-Derived WISH Cells1期刊论文

作者:William E. Ackerman,Brad H. Rovin,Douglas A. Kniss等   ISSN:0006-3363;1529-7268;  publication-date:2006-1-25  Volume:71  Issue:6  Page:2079-2086  

Modulation of Cytokine-Induced Cyclooxygenase 2 Expression by PPARG Ligands Through NFκB Signal Disruption in Human WISH and Amnion Cells1期刊论文

作者:William E. Ackerman,Xiaolan L. Zhang,Brad H. Rovin,Douglas A. Kniss等   ISSN:0006-3363;1529-7268;  publication-date:2006-1-25  Volume:73  Issue:3  Page:527-535  

A novel mechanism of FSH regulation of DNA synthesis in the granulosa cells of hamster preantral follicles. Involvement of a protein kinase C mediated MAP kinase 3/1 self- activation loop期刊论文

作者:Peixin Yang,Shyamal K. Roy等   ISSN:0006-3363;1529-7268;  publication-date:2006-3-13  Volume:75  Issue:1  Page:149-157  

Transforming growth factorB1 stimulated DNA synthesis in the granulosa cells of preantral follicles: Negative interaction with epidermal growth factor1期刊论文

作者:Peixin Yang,Shyamal K. Roy等   ISSN:0006-3363;1529-7268;  publication-date:2006-3-8  Volume:75  Issue:1  Page:140-148  

Neonatal and Pubertal Development in Males of a Cooperatively Breeding Primate, the Cotton-Top Tamarin (Saguinus oedipus oedipus)1期刊论文

作者:Anita J. Ginther,Anne A. Carlson,Toni E. Ziegler,Charles T. Snowdon等   ISSN:0006-3363;1529-7268;  publication-date:2006-6-21  Volume:66  Issue:2  Page:282-290  





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